Video: Watch a Man Get Raised from Dead

A group of South Africans heard that God is doing miracles in Nigeria at the Synogogue Church of All Nations pastored by TB Joshua and they decided to check it out for themselves. So, they went to Nigeria to witness God’s power.

Unfortunately one of them, Moses Marole (76 years old), had a heart attack in the cafeteria and fell down without a pulse.

Bystanders performed CPR but to no avail. It was about 45 minutes before the pastor of the church prayed for Moses and he came back to life.

For more details of the story, see this South African news report:  Prophet Revives Dead Man

Bystander and church cameras caught the whole thing on video and the church’s television program shared footage of the CPR attempts, the pastor praying for the dead man, and interview with the man brought back to life.

I hope your spirit is encouraged as you watch this video and witness the power, love, and mercy of God.

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