Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural!

I love Sid Roth. He is a beautiful Jewish man who hosts a TV show and a radio show that features supernatural stories from people moving in spiritual power.

Nearly every weekend, you can find me watching his show having my faith being built up.

Today, I am just going to share a couple TV episodes with you as well as a set of radio broadcasts. My hope is that this taste of his programs will get you excited about what is possible when our spirits connect with God and that you will become aware of Sid Roth’s work.

First, I want to share a TV episode (about 20-30 minutes long I think) featuring a young woman named Jennifer Toledo who was called by God to go on an adventure that would be utterly life changing.

Jennifer Toledo’s interview with Sid Roth

Another amazing young woman who visits with Sid Roth is Evangeline Weiner. She grew up with a family of supernatural healers and has many amazing stories of God’s power to heal.

Evangeline Weiner’s interview with Sid Roth

Do you have a supernatural story to share? Why don’t you tell us about it by commenting below?

One thought on “Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural!”

  1. I was praying up in our cow pasture one day and I finished and went home and sat in our swing… I started to pray again and I looked up to my left and I saw a lamb (cloud formed as lamb) with a staff under it’s left front leg…. I had been praying asking God if I was his and he answered.. another time, I was studying the bible and i fell asleep on top of the sheets I remember waking up around 3 am to my name being gently called 3 times…. I felt so much peace…another time (all these times were during the time that i was asking God if i was his.. because i felt like God had let me go)……. i was at work bagging groceries and i took the customer out… they tried to give me a tip and i was telling them that they didnt have to … but finally they made me so… i walked down the hill and i opened the dollar bill and written on it was THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD.. God answered me three times that I was His…. 🙂

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