A Bunch of Leg Growing Miracles — instant growth caught on video

I like instantaneous leg growth miracles. It is amazing watching the shorter leg grow out until it matches the other leg. Often people who have a shorter leg also experience back trouble so correcting the leg problem can fix associated back problems as well.

Where possible, I will include additional information after each video so you can better understand the circumstances of the healing. You will see that we are not dealing with magic tricks here. These are real people with real belief and real doubts and experiencing a testable miracle.

The first video I want to show you is just a few university students who really believe God can do miracles and they were walking around campus letting other students see with their own eyes what God can do.

Several Legs Growing Out Miraculously at Simpson University

Here is the information shared by the person who posted this video:

Growing legs out are an easy way to get more doors open! The last girl in the video, I missed them growing out her leg, but we just went for it and she got taller. She was completely blown away. — So after Healing Rooms (at Bethel Church), we head out to Simpson for lunch. Were eating, talking about the Kingdom, and then Ryan thinks, “Screw it, I’m never going to see these people again.” He goes to the table right next to us, asks the girl if he could check something. Had her sit down, surely enough, her legs were short. It grew out in front of two of her friends. They left surprised, and weirded out. Ryan wasnt satisfied. He went to the next table of 3 girls. Asked the same thing. All 3 had short legs. The first girl broke the ice. Got healed, prayed for her friend. Her friend gets healed. Her friend prays and the last of the 3 gets healed. We ended up going through some forgiveness and deliverance for one of the girls and she starting crying because she never felt so much lightness and freedom since she got saved. She got whacked. They were most shocked with the fact that they saw miracles from their hands. All through this time, we had BSSM 1st-years around us, because they were randomly flowing in and out for lunch (we grew their legs too, some of them, they had no idea their leg was short) By the time we left the cafeteria we saw 8 legs grow out. We walked out and we saw a guy sitting down (I thought, haha perfect set-up). Ryan accosted him his leg grew out, and then he asked us to pray for his index finger which was about a quarter-inch short. It grew out in less than 10 seconds. Haha. There were two guys standing next to him who refused our generous offer. For the next hour, we stopped Bethel students on their way to lunch, grew out their legs, Ryan ran after random Simpson students and said, Hey do you want to see something amazing? Over and over, they would hesitantly come, and sure enough, every single one that was willing, their leg was short, and then it grew! Most of them had never seen a leg grow out, let alone 2 or 3 in one sitting. At least 10 people were activated (they prayed for another for their leg to grow out). I think the total count at the end it was 23 legs that grew out. People were just blown away the real good news gospel. Jesus is alive, and Hes got some dunamis that still works today. — If you want to start walking in healing more consistently, more boldly, at any time, any circumstance, I highly recommend you to listen to this 19-part series. http://www.divinerevelations.info/Documents/Healing/JGL/JGL_Ministries.htm  It is based on the teachings of John G. Lake who was the original founder of the Healing Rooms in Spokane, WA. If you listen to them, and start doing what you learn, I GUARANTEE you will (with boldness) walk in Kingdom power wherever you go. — Check out Ryan and Laura’s site: http://www.revivalorriots.org  — http://www.iamaspirit.org/

Now, here is a cool video. A woman with a leg that is 1 and a half inches shorter than the other gets prayed for. She felt her leg being stretched and pulled supernaturally so she thought maybe she was being fooled. Thinking that maybe someone was doing the old pull your shoe trick, she takes off her shoes and discovers that her legs really are the same length after the healing. This was a turning point in this woman’s life as you will see in the additional info provided after the video.

Video footage of leg growing out 1.5 inches

Here is the information that was posted with this video on YouTube:

This is a video clip of Frances’ leg growing 1.5 inches at a Bill Johnson Conference in Harrogate, England. She gave her testimony the next day to the whole conference as to the reality of the healing, has seen this video clip and endoreses/verifies it. The miracle (as it is a creative miracle) happened at the end of the Healing On The Streets seminar. Mark Marx of the Causeway Vineyard, N. Ireland, was used in this. Video Clip was taken by Revd Peter Cunliffe, who interviewed Frances immediately after the miracle.

Don’t be cynical! Jesus still does this kind of stuff! (increasingly, in fact!)

One week on, Fran’s healing is now a BBC News Item. YOu can read about it (and hear her own radio interview).

By the time this video clip starts, the leg that was shorter than the other has already grown out until it is longer than the other leg (they asked the girl if she wanted to be taller). Then they pray for the leg that was previously longer so that it matches the first leg prayed for. In all she grew about 4 inches TALLER!


Leg grows out half an inch instantly

Here is a video of several people just following God’s leading. What happens is God gives them “clues” (like saying to them “pray for someone with a pink shirt”) and they follow the clues to the people God wants to bless. He leads them to pray for some people and they get to see a leg grow out by God’s power.

Here is the poster’s video description:

Treasure Hunt that occured on March 25, 2009 in Redding, Ca because God is good and He loves to encountered His children…His creation. And because He said we could…


Here is another leg growth miracle

Poster’s comment:

One of the many miracles ministered by Rev Steven Lyn Evans on a recent mission in Geneva. “And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs. Amen.” (Mark 16:20)


Todd White and Destiny praying for people

The last video I want to leave you with is from Virginia Beach where you will see Todd White and his daughter, Destiny, praying for random people out on the streets. Towards the end of the video you will see a man’s leg grow out about an inch.

Well, there you have it. These are very visible signs of God’s power. These people have lived with very real consequences of a leg being shorter such as shoe inserts, back pain, and limping. But now they are healed thanks to some people taking Jesus at his word when he said that we could heal by his power and authority.

12 thoughts on “A Bunch of Leg Growing Miracles — instant growth caught on video”

  1. Interesting that you state that the leg stretching miracle is testable. Why don’t you get a doctor to verify the leg length before and after the healing by using something like an X-ray. Such evidence would be publishable in the Lancet and could revolutionise orthapaedic medicine!
    Also, you at least recognise the possibility of trickery using the shoe pulling trick, but there are more methods which can be utilised, such as position of pelvis while sitting and by simply moving the legs to one side.
    It would be prudent to rule out such trickery, even if it not being done deliberately by the healer.
    You would be amazed at the capacity of the human mind to self-delude, for example, dowsing falls squarely into this category.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the leg growing miracles.

      I am aware of the effect that positioning of hips and orientation of legs can have and I know that an illusion of a leg growing can be done in that way.

      But if you watch all the videos posted you will see that those praying are careful to avoid shifting the legs to the right or the left. Have a friend sit in a chair and see how much you have to shift their legs in one or the other direction to produce the changes in length shown in these videos.

      Plus, consider that these people praying are believers themselves. They are not tricksters. And the people being prayed for are not accomplices for some magic show. They are people who are able to stand up, sit back down, and see that their legs have changed and their back problems are gone.

      As for bringing the medical community into this, I would actually like to see the medical community working more with people who are effective at praying for healing.

      Many miracles have been verified by doctors.

      I don’t think either the medical community or those practicing their faith are quite ready to work with one another but I do think things are heading in that direction.

      Right now, the people out there praying for others are more focused on helping others without redtape and focused on building their own faith so they can see more miracles and a larger diversity of miracles on a more consistent basis by practicing rather than trying to prove something.

      Also, consider how much extra time and money the people would have to spend if they had to go through the medical system before being prayed for. I think it is best that these praying people stay out on the street where they can bless people without the people having to pay anything for their healing.

      I appreciate your warning to be cautious. If I posted something as a miracle that turned out to be a trick, then the faith of many believers could be damaged.

      For that reason, I carefully considered the possibility of a hoax before putting these videos up on my site. I even watched a video showing how the hoax could be performed. But the videos I posted were nothing like what a hoax would require.

      A lot of people who question the miracles I post come from a bias that anything that appears to be a supernatural miracle is probably a trick.

      I have experienced enough of the supernatural and miraculous on a personal level to tend to be open to and accepting of the evidence and information as presented in these videos. Plus, I am familiar with some of the churches and people in these videos and I happen to know that their work has been independently verified by reliable sources who have nothing to gain by propping up anyone deceiving people.

      I would encourage anyone watching videos claiming to represent miracles to be aware of hoaxes and then carefully look at all the evidence without bias and see if the evidence points to the video being a hoax or a real miracle. To me, videos are only a starting place. They point to what is possible. The next step is to follow the trail and see if you can witness a miracle in person.

      One more thought: Despite the saying we are familiar with, seeing is NOT believing. If it was, everyone who watched these videos would automatically believe, which is not the case. In fact, believing actually comes from experience. So, until everyone experiences supernatural miracles in their own lives, they will probably tend not to believe. That’s okay. I did not share these videos to convince anyone. I only want to share these videos in order to encourage those who are open to supernatural possibilities.

  2. Does anyone know of an effective healer in the uk? Are you one of them? I would be wanting to hear from anyone who may be able to help me with the healing that i need, and would be greatful to hear from you. God bless. jan

  3. I’ve never seen such a big collection of con-artists and their deceived followers before in my life! Leg lengthening is the oldest party trick in the faith-healers repertoire. It can done in many ways – we see legs being moved sideways here, or people’s shoes pushed in and out. It’s all fake. I’m from the UK, and a few days ago we had a program on national TV that exposed how it was done. Scams like this has no place in christian ministry, so please stop promoting them.

  4. Actually, I completely believe in miracles.

    As far as the page you linked to is concerned, I can’t say what’s happening from the pictures. However, I know that God and the Holy Spirit are not playthings that we can command miracles from for our own entertainment, which is the flippant attitude of the the people featured on that video. So for that reason alone I’m sure it is a fabrication.

  5. Another thought – how come the only “miracles” we see are those that can easily be faked? Why is it that God doesn’t cause an amputee to grow a new leg – surely they need a miracle far more than someone with unequal legs? Again, that’s grounds to suspect it’s all fake.

    1. It was done already by curry blake.He was grow a lower missing part of hand in one woman.They been people also who was grow new missing finger and also healing broken bones.So if they can regrow new part of body with bones and muscles and heal broken bones then making person grow taller is even common sense.So stop bullshiting like evereone else and do researche before you start talking about “how com this how come that” !

  6. hi my name is nicole. I did watch the video on the rising light. But peter says its fake. I do know with god everything takes time. I have been praying for some time now to get taller at least 3-4 inches taller. After seeing these videos it touched my heart to know that god is able. My dad is tall, and my mum is slightly taller then me. I am 19 and my hopes and dreams are to get at least 3-4 inches taller before my 20th birthday. Could u please pray for me. Thank you godbless

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