Young boy Aldo McPherson shares a message from God after visiting heaven

A Message from GodOn June 19, 2004, a South African family had a serious car accident. The accident left their 12 year old son, Aldo McPherson, in a coma and on life support.

God did a number of miracles for Aldo and his family. God allowed Aldo to experience heaven and then asked Aldo to share a message with the world. God also taught Aldo and his family — especially his mother Retha McPherson — how to speak life and restoration over Aldo’s physical condition. In response to their obedience God began healing Aldo.

Before sharing some of the messages Aldo brought back with him from heaven and some of the lessons Retha McPherson learned, I would like to share this video documenting Aldo’s recovery process after the accident.

Aldo McPherson’s Recovery



You can also watch Retha McPherson tell her family’s story as she is interviewed on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth (below).

Retha McPherson on It’s Supernatural

Aldo was unable to speak after his coma so he had to write when he wanted to communicate. He began writing to tell his family and the world what he had experienced in heaven and what God had been revealing to him.

His original letters were written in Afrikaans. You can see some of them and read the English translation provided under each one. Here is The Collection of Aldo McPherson’s hand-written letters from 2005 to the present.

It looks like the letters included in this collection supplement the ones already published in Aldo and Retha McPherson’s books. You can see some of these very interesting letters and read more of the story in the book A Message from God co-authored by Aldo McPherson and his mother Retha McPherson, which is available as a print book or as a digital ebook in our bookstore.

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  1. God is an amasing God and He alone is the miricle maker. He adores us alland children He especially delights in. Oh that we would become like little chldren, simple and trusting in our Father for every thing. That we would TURN to Him to meet All our needs. the child that trust is free indeed. And what freedon there is in knowing God as our beloved Father. we are constantly held in His arms, some of us might even sit on His shouldres. He is a big daddy and being small is fantasticlly wonderful. whether we be the great or the small there is a place for us all in our Fathers house. Amen

  2. I just started reading Retha’s book. I am so in awe of God! I know that HE put’s us through HIS refining fire to make us pure, but the strength that HE gave this family is amazing to me. My little issues seem so insignificant.

    Thank you for sharing

    Much love in Christ

  3. I am first born again and in love with God. Yet I also

    was blessed by the kenneth Hagin ministry. Yes The

    knowledge of the word is Good but not compared to the

    intense love of God by His Holy Spirit. Indeed the time

    is short and The USA and the World is going to be

    shaken. I have seen Jesus about 30 times and speak over 24 Jewish gentile languages that are well understood even today by means of ACT ch 2 xeno0glossolaia still ( how can people truly understand how great is the SPIRIT OF THE LORD
    back to Jerusalem again to combine the theaters of Praise of the multi ethnic community of Old Jerusalem. On the side there will be other greatly gifted father like love highly gifted missionaries
    who will pray continuously in the Spirit. We need a recording studio for those who would be recorded for worship and Praise in Jerusalem by group or personal CD. The Church age is almost over. We must be free of bondage.

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