Florida Man Raised from the Dead by Praying Cardiologist

On October 20, 2006 Jeff Markin collapsed from a massive heart attack after driving himself to the Palm Beach Gardens Hospital emergency room.

The emergency medical workers and supervising cardiologist Dr. Chauncey Crandall followed standard procedure using defibrillator pads more than a dozen times trying to shock Jeff’s heart back to working order. With each passing minute their chances of successfully resuscitating the heart attack victim plummeted dramatically. After they had worked feverishly for 40 minutes trying to bring Jeff’s heart out of a flatline they had to finally call the time of death and walk away from the corpse.

That would have been the end of a disappointing but not terribly unusual heart attack case. But as Dr. Chauncey Crandall was walking away after filling out some paperwork he sensed the Holy Spirit’s voice saying that he should pray for the now officially dead heart attack victim.

By this time Jeff Markin’s body was being prepared for the morgue. Dr. Crandall walked in there and began praying for Jeff Markin. Another doctor walked in and Dr. Crandall persuaded him to once again apply the defibrillators and see if the body could be shocked back to life. Despite the utter hopelessness of the situation the protesting doctor did as he was asked out of respect to his colleague. Miraculously, Jeff’s heart responded beautifully with a perfect heartbeat and Jeff began breathing again.

He was brought back to life by faith, prayer, and one more try using conventional medicine. Thus he would live to tell about his experience while physically dead. Miraculously Jeff not only came back to life but also did not sustain any brain damage.

In his book, Raising the Dead, Dr. Crandall tells all about this and other cases of raising the dead and healings and what brought him to the place where he has joined his medical expertise with prayer for each of his patients.

I have also found a number of reports and interviews that will fill in more details about this case. I hope you find all these resources and this amazing story to be a great inspiration as you remember the declaration of Jesus Christ: I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades. ~ Revelation 1:18

News Report Summarizing how Jeff Markin was Raised from the Dead

Jeff Markin’s Story

CBN 700 Club Report and Interview with Dr. Chauncey Crandall

Another CBN 700 Club Interview with Dr. Chauncey Crandall – Part 1


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Raising the Dead CDFree Raising the Dead CD

Includes the following:

Dead Man Raising – Special Report

Man Raised from the Dead – Part 1 and 2

Dr. Chauncey Crandall’s Testimony

Miracles Abound

Healing Isaiah 53 Compilation



5 thoughts on “Florida Man Raised from the Dead by Praying Cardiologist”

  1. Here is an article covering the story with links to some of the media coverage.

    Here is an excerpt from Dr. Crandall’s book:

    “Fifteen young people came out of the crowd and lined up on the platform behind me. I walked toward the young man who was first in the lineup on the left and before I was halfway to him, I held up my hand to pray for the blessing of boldness to fall on him and fell backward, slain in the Spirit. I did not feel anything myself. But it was as though I had a force field around me, because with my next steps toward the second in line, he went down. Then the third, the fourth. These weren’t “courtesy drops”, as one sometimes sees at Pentecostal meetings. These teenagers went out. (In a peaceful way–the falling of the Holy Ghost usually brings a profound peace.) Every person in that line went over peacefully until I reached the fifteenth. He fell over, but then he started manifesting demons, writhing and slithering on the ground, growling, yelling, and screaming. I bent down to him and commanded the demons to come out in Jesus’ name.”

    (Raising the Dead, p. 142.)

  2. Hey all, It was recommended by The Rising Light that I invite anyone here to join together in learning and praying to raise the dead. We have begun the “Raise the Dead Initiative” group on Facebook, and it’s getting pretty active.

    The group is split into two pages — one for learning and discussion, and one for prayer for actually resurrecting the dead. You can join one, the other or both, but we recommend joining both.

    Our vision is twofold– to be a place where we can learn and grow together in a safe environment (the groups are closed groups for that reason) and we are also here to be a resource for those who need a loved one brought back. Come join us!!

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/124203581018584/ – Learning Center
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/148126895284543/ – Prayer Group

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    1. Did you miss the part where that’s the whole point? It is a miracle–it by nature defies natural circumstances.

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