Diamonds and Gems from Heaven – The Diamond Couple Story

The first diamond showed up in their bed on the night of their first Christmas together as a husband and wife. They had left good jobs to dedicate themselves to knowing God better and the young husband, David Causer, had been feeling sad and worried for not being able to give his wife Taylor more for Christmas. But God reassured him that it was not things that she wanted but love.

That night God gave them an amazing Christmas present as a sign that they were doing the right thing in choosing to devote themselves to Him rather than pursue material things and worldly goals. They had chosen to follow God — the creator of all material things. David and Taylor Causer were discovering the truth of Jesus Christ’s words: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be provided to you as well.”

To help you explore The Diamond Couple’s story, I am posting a video, photos, and links to their websites where you can learn more about what God has been doing in their lives and also read about the miraculous healings, signs, and wonders that God is doing through them.

The Diamond Couple Video

The Diamond Couple by KarterBrannon

Here are pictures of diamonds and gems God has given David and Taylor. The pictures here are a sampling of the photos included in their photo slideshow.

diamond-couple-1 diamond-couple-2 diamond-couple-3 diamond-couple-4 diamond-couple-5 diamond-couple-6 diamond-couple-7 diamond-couple-8 diamond-couple-10 diamond-couple-11 diamond-couple-12 diamond-couple-13 diamond-couple-14 diamond-couple-17 diamond-couple-18


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Newsletter David and Taylor sent out shortly after first diamond showed up — scroll to the end of the newsletter to see discussion of signs and wonders and the appearance of the first diamond

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Todd White Ministering on the Streets of New York City

Todd White recently went with a CBN film crew and ministered on the streets of New York City.

I love watching him minister the love and healing of Jesus Christ to people. It is so genuine and beautiful.

Here you can watch him in action:

Todd in New York City – Part 1

Todd in New York City – Part 2

Thanks to my friend at Mobile Intensive Prayer Unit, who has another website at for giving me a heads up about these videos.