This leg lengthening miracle will S T R E T C H your faith!

A while back I put up a post with video documentation of more than a dozen instant leg growth miracles.

Well, today I want to share the most convincing leg growth miracle video that I have seen so far. Anyone with an open mind to the possibility of miracles from God, should be thoroughly convinced and have their faith dramatically raised from seeing this video.

Legs Grow Longer or Shorter at Command

Here is a follow up video produced in response to people’s questions

UPDATE – April 16, 2011 – Watch this kind of miracle lead a man to God’s love and grace

Atheist convinced of God’s love when he sees God’s power to lengthen his legs

6 thoughts on “This leg lengthening miracle will S T R E T C H your faith!”

  1. come on why is the jeans and socks on where is the leg strtching from the knee the calf what? show the stretch without the jeans

  2. Hi brother

    I’m a christian believer, actually i’m an orthodox christian and i have always believed that miracles happen only with the orthodox because i was blind in faith in God’s love gathering all the christians with their different sectes and types whether catholic or protestant or orthodox, now i know God is not fanatic or racist about a certain type of christianity because we are all his sons and daughters. I would like to know if i could come to your church and get healed because i have a constitutional short stature with severe bow legs and i need to know if you would accept in God ‘s name healing me from what i have during my whole life.
    God bless brother

    1. Sister Mariane,
      My name is Tim. I’m the webmaster and writer for

      I really appreciate you sharing your testimony of how you have gained a broader view of the Christian family and how God is working in and through all of us.

      As for your interest in receiving healing prayer, I would like to point you to a couple of resources:

      Pete Cabrera Jr who is in the videos on this page can be reached via his website (use the contact form). Notice also the other resources listed at the top of his website. I know Pete through facebook ( ) and I know the people who are responsible for the other websites listed — they are all great resources who can connect you to people who would be very happy to pray with you for your healing. Another way to reach Pete is by sending him a message from his youtube page: (by the way, you will get to see many more videos of amazing healing miracles there too).

      Also, be sure to visit which is a great way to get prayed for and also a great place to meet people who are practicing Jesus’ mandate to heal the sick. A lot of miracles happen as these people minister healing prayer at that site.

      I look forward to hearing of your healing.

      God bless you!


  3. my leg is amputated can u pls pray for my leg to grow back to what it was i mean normally pls inly god can do it i cry every day n night for my loss i havent seen any body get healed of an amputated body part.through god its possible right then pls pray

  4. Dear brothers and sisters, I have a big desire of growing 5 inches. How can I pray? I know n belive that God can do everything. So please show me the way and please please pray for me. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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