Releasing God’s Healing as a Demonstration of His Love and Compassion

Have you seen Tom Fischer’s videos? He goes out with his little hand held camcorder, turns it on, finds people, and hands them the camcorder. Then he explains that he prays for people and God heals them and that he is documenting these miracles so that people who watch his videos can see that God really does care about us and is happy to heal us and make our lives better. Finally, he prays for anyone who needs healing and the miracles commence!

His videos are unedited and the miracles are impressive. Those who get healed are often quite surprised and they sometimes use strong language to express their surprise. So, if you are easily offended, consider yourself warned.

After watching a bunch of his videos, I want to share some of my favorites with you.

I asked Tom Fischer which of his videos he considers to be one of his favorites. This is the video he shared with me and I have to say it is really fun watching God leave a lasting, memorable impact on this group of guys.

Watch these guys experience God’s power

In Acts chapter 5 we see that people can get healed simply by being touched by the shadow of a follower of Christ. Thomas Fischer tried this out one day and the next video shows the amazing results.

Shadow Healing

Watch this skateboarder get healed and see his leg grow right before your very eyes!

This football player was able to throw away his arm sling after meeting Tom who healed his broken arm and sprained ankle. The kid said, “Are you like Jesus in human form?!” The answer is YES. Tom and anyone else filled with the Holy Spirit is like Jesus in human form. Praise God!

Football injuries erased in Jesus’ name

In the next video you will someone’s hand get healed and a toothache go away .

Here you will see some people in Canada get healed.

Watch how amazed Tom’s friend is when his ankle gets completely restored.

The last video I want to share today will show the healing of scoliosis. Sometime later, Tom had the opportunity to meet the young man who testified to the fact that the healing was permanent and how he has been praying to God everyday since he received his healing.

Scoliosis banished!

Would you like to share God’s healing grace with people? It is so easy and fun for the Holy Spirit filled believer in Jesus Christ.

We are called to share the good news with the whole world and we are promised that healings and other demonstrations of God’s message of grace and freedom will be with us. See Mark 16:15-18 for Jesus’ word on this.

Some great resources for gaining confidence in healing ministry are available on The Rising Light Resources Page in the Divine Healing Training section.

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  1. My name is jordan richardson I suffer with hiv and I need prayer for healing I pray God will use you to help me also GOD Bless…

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