See wheelchair bound woman at library instantly healed

My friend Pete Cabrera, Jr saw a woman today in a wheelchair.

He wrote:

I got out of church today and as I changed and took the dog outside to use the pottie LOL! I saw a lady in a wheel chair! I ran over to her and told her to get out of the chair and walk! She looked at me crazy and said that’s impossible! I am in pain! i said let me go get my camera and I will tape you walking.

See an amazing miracle of God and see how blessed and happy the miracle makes this woman.


6 thoughts on “See wheelchair bound woman at library instantly healed”

  1. i am in a wheelchair. I want to believe to see that I walk.I have a completely deteriorated left him, severe blood clot risk – said can’t have hip replacement bad arthritis which I believe is satan special delivery and I want to be healed. will you pray for me. God is still doing miracles today I want mine today.

  2. Dear pastor,
    I’m a believer and I saw how God use you in the great way and I don’t care if people said its fake or not, but to me it’s increasing my faith. I have a prayer request for myself, I saw God use you to lengthening a man’s leg, my request is for the same thing, so I can have a normal adult height. I believe God will glorify His name in this matter. Please pray for me so I can the experience of Gods work within me so I can testify His mighty work.

    Thank you God bless you

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