Amazing Miracles in America

Recently Torben Søndergaard came from his home nation of Denmark to visit the United States. Here is what happened:

It really doesn’t matter where Torben goes. He sees miracles wherever he goes. On his website,, you can see miracles wherever he visits whether that be Burger King or Walmart. Why do miracles happen wherever Torben goes? It’s because he walks in Jesus Christ and has the Spirit of God in him and… he knows it!

Torben is not content to bring Jesus and God’s miracles wherever he goes. Torben has dedicated his life to also teaching other people how to walk in Christ Jesus to bring God’s love and miracles to the whole world. In August 2013, Torben will start teaching a free online course so he can mentor as many people as possible! Hope you sign up — I know I’ll be there!

Here are a few of the many videos on Torben’s YouTube Channel