Sid Roth and Munday Martin share Miracles of Multiplication

Listen to Jennifer Toledo and Sid Roth discuss how God provided bag loads of clothing for orphans . . . and more orphans, and hospitals, and more–all from 8 suitcases!! God LOVES humanity–all of the people He created.

Hear a story of how God multiplied food to feed the poor–and what God did to protect the ministry team from gunmen. Let your faith be encouraged in the love and protection of Jesus Christ!

Resurrection Power – Training to Raise The Dead

In this 2-part training series, the Inside Out Equipping Team teaches on how to raise the dead.  Inside Out Training and Equipping is a ministry founded by Cheryl Fritz.  The ministry is a free supernatural training school that uses Skype to disciple believers around the globe to do signs, wonders, miracles, healing, prophecy, and much more.  The speakers in this particular class all have some experience with raising the dead.

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