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Visions and Miracles Out of the Land of Egypt – 2010 Documentary

Here is a documentary showing footage of wonderful miracles including oil mysteriously flowing from objects and a woman’s hands, apparitions and lights, healings, and more.

First, watch the one minute trailer to get an overview of the treat you are about to enjoy:

Now, here is the video.

The audio track is out of sync but I did not find that to be much of a problem in this film. For a better version of the video, you can always get the DVD.

Film may take a moment to begin.

Saint Patrick’s Miraculous Ministry in Ireland

Saint Patrick by Boris Anrep
Saint Patrick lights the paschal fire on the Hill of Slain in celebration of Easter — leading to a confrontation with the powers controlling Ireland

I was recently blessed to obtain a copy of Celtic Flames by Kathie Walters. The book details the miraculous lives of seven apostles to the Celtic world from the 4th to 6th centuries A.D: Patrick – The Celtic Lion, Kieran – First Bishop of Saiger, Brendan of Clonfert, Brigid – First Abbess of Kildare, Comgall – Abbot of Bangor, Columba of Iona, and Cuthbert of Landisfarne

Kathie Walters knows firsthand that angels and miracles are quite real so she is not shy about telling about the frequent angelic visitations and miracles in the lives of the spiritual giants found in her book. She has written a number of other inspiring books covering both ancient and modern Celtic revivals.

In April she will lead a group on a trip to Ireland and Scotland where each participant will certainly be changed forever as they encounter God while visiting ancient wells of Celtic revival. Disappointed to see that the deadline for signing up for this trip has already passed, I have arranged with her to extend her deadline to March 21, 2011 for readers of The Rising Light so that any of you who feels excited by this opportunity of a lifetime can get signed up.

For those of you who don’t feel led to go on this two week trip yourself, I would encourage you to be a blessing to the family of God and help make it possible for one of our brothers or sisters to go by making a contribution towards the cost of this lifechanging visit to these Celtic lands of revival.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is now approaching, I would like to share with you some of the wonderful miracles that God did through Saint Patrick’s obedience. Kathie Walters has kindly given me permission to share several portions from her chapter covering the miracles in the life of Saint Patrick as recorded in Celtic Flames. I trust that you will be quite blessed and encouraged as you realize that the same power at work in the life of Saint Patrick is also available to each one of us since we are baptized into the same Spirit.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
~ Saint Paul in Ephesians 3:20-21

Excerpts from Celtic Flames chapter 5 “Patrick – The Celtic Lion A.D. 389 – A.D. 471”:

Patrick, and The King Of Tara and His Druidic Wizards.

Celtic FlamesFinally God provided a way for Patrick to return to Ireland in 432 A.D. So the ministry to the Irish began, not without opposition from the Druids and wizards who tried desperately to keep Patrick away from the kings, for they had prophesied of his coming. Patrick believed that if the kings could be won for God, then the people would follow. One of the first spiritual battles between Patrick and the Druids was fought at the Hill of Tara in 433 A.D.

The High King, Laeghaire (Leary), son of the renowned Niall of the Nine Hostages, had invited the sub-kings and nobles and bards to a lavish festival. It was to start with great bonfires, but until those fires were lit by the Druids, it was forbidden for other fires to be seen. King Laeghaire, in his efforts to hold his power over the lower kings had given himself to the power of the wizards, and skillful magicians and Druidic priests along with their idols.

Lochru, and Lucat-Mael, were his chief wizards, and being false prophets they had foretold that “An evil teacher would come from over the sea to their land: That a multitude would receive him, and that he would find love and reverence from the men of Ireland. He would cast out from their realms the evil kings and lords, and would destroy all the idols; the worship established by him, would abide in the land for ever.” No doubt the Druids knew of the progress of Christianity in Britain and Europe. Their brethren abroad had been discredited and they were afraid of the same fate. They were very much afraid of losing their influence and authority.

Patrick leaving the friendly hospitality of Dichu, sailed southward and arrived at Inver Colptha, the mouth of the river Boyne. They followed the course of the stream, for about 12 miles until they came to the hill of Slane, where Patrick proposed to celebrate Easter.

While they rested there on the hill, they saw the magnificent view beneath of the river Boyne; to the north, far away were the purple mountains of Mourne, and to the south lay the beautiful hills of Wicklow. Against this background, about 10 miles away, stood the royal hill of Tara. The roofs of the palaces shining in the setting sun. When the sun had set, Patrick began to prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. It was the first time the paschal fire was lit, never to be extinguished in the land.

Hardly were the Christian torches seen to blaze, when the attention of the High King was drawn to the progidy. The whole of Mag Breg, (the Beautiful Plain), was illuminated by the fires, while Tara was still in darkness.

Angrily the King called his attendants and told them to find out who had dared to light the fires, and break the law he had made for the occasion of the festivals of Beltane and Samhain.

The Druids told King Laeghaire that there was no need to send messengers to Slane for they knew what the fires were. “We see the fire,” they said, “And we know that unless it is quenched on the night in which it is made, it will not be quenched for ever. The man who kindled it, will vanquish the kings and lords of Ireland, unless he is stopped.” “This shall not be!” cried the king, “but we will go down and kill this man who made the fires.” The horses were hastily made ready.

Meanwhile on the hill of Slane, Patrick had begun with the others the celebration of the Easter festival, singing and worshiping God. Demons hovered over Tara, while the Angelic host kept guard over Slane. Patrick, with Victorious, (the Angel who was the guardian of Ireland)*, had no need to fear for the result of the contest. It was late when nine chariots, bearing the king and queen with two chief Druids, and a number of nobles came thundering toward Slane. The wizards began to fear that the king might fail by taking a hasty action. As they drew toward the Christians, the Druid wizards spoke to King Laeghaire, “You should be careful,” they cautioned the king, “Not to go down to the place where the fire was made, and give any respect to the man who kindled the fire. Stay outside and have him brought out to you, so that he will know that you are the king, and he is the subject.” The king was flattered and agreed.

They drove to the place called, “The Graves of Fiacc’s Men,” and they un-yoked the horses. The king and his nobles sat in solemn state, and the warriors stood with their shields erect in front of them. In the light of the fires they looked very fierce. The king forbade anyone to rise to greet Patrick or any of his company, (contrary to the custom of the Irish). A messenger was sent to fetch Patrick.

Soon a bright procession appeared descending the hill. As Patrick advanced, all eyes were fixed on him. Calmly he sang as he approached the king, “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will call upon the Name of the Lord our God,” (don’t you love this?). As Patricks clear strong voice resounded, a feeling of awe filed the minds of the warriors. One man. Erc, the son of Deg, rose to greet Patrick. By grace, in a moment, he believed in God; and Patrick blessed him. Later on he was baptized and eventually became the first bishop of Slane. And Patrick prophesied to him, “Your city on earth will be high and noble.”

After a “formal” greeting between Laeghaire and Patrick, the wizard Lochru attacked him angrily with contention and shouting. He became malicious and hostile, and even violent, blaspheming the Holy Trinity. Patricks anger was roused and he called upon God, “O Lord, Who can do all things. And on Whose power everything depends, You have sent us here to preach Your Name to the heathen. Now let this ungodly man, who blasphemes your Name, be lifted up and let him die.” When Patrick had finished speaking, a supernatural force raised the wizard in the air. He fell heavily down, his head striking a stone. And so he died in the presence of those assembled. The heathen seeing their own subdued, and realizing that Patrick had more power than the Druids, were greatly affected. But the king was enraged at the fate of Lochru, on whom he had greatly depended. He then wanted to take the life of Patrick. “Slay this man,” he cried to his guards.

But Patrick stood firmly in his place. With flashing eyes and resonant voice he said, “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered; and let them that hate Him, flee from before His face! As smoke vanishes, so let them vanish away: as wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.” By this time the sun had begun to rise and the morning splendor bathed the earth. But at the words of Patrick, darkness crept back over the sky and the ground shook with an earthquake. The swords and spears of the warriors clashed against their shields and it seemed to them that sky was falling down, and there was no hope of escape from impending destruction. The frightened horses galloped away in wild confusion, and the wind blew so fiercely that the chariots were moved.

Because of the confusion and fear, the warriors began to fight among themselves, and some were killed. Realizing their mistake, they fled, leaving only three people with King Laeghaire and Queen Angas. The king remained sullen and silent but the queen rose and approached Patrick. She spoke to him with respect. “Just and mighty man,” she said, “Do not destroy the king. He shall come to you and he will do your will and he will kneel and believe in your God,” Her influence prevailed and because the events of the past few hours had shaken him, the king kneeled before Patrick, offering peace. It was a false gesture, designed to allow him to avoid the present situation. Laehaire designed a plan in his mind to try and kill Patrick on the way to his castle. “Follow after me, to my castle, Cleric,” said the wily king, “And at Tara I may believe in your God in the presence of the men of Ireland.”

Patrick consented and Laeghire gave orders to his servants that an ambush should be set on several paths between Slane to Tara. The chariots were yoked once more by the attendant who had now returned, and the royal party set out back to the palace. They were very weary and discouraged after their disastrous night with Patrick and his company continued the interrupted Easter Day celebration with hearts full of gratitude to the risen Lord, who was so wonderful to them. Then Patrick selected his companions and blessed them before setting out for Tara. There were eight young clerics, including Patrick, and the boy, Benignus, who never left Patricks side. They had ten miles to walk, “but God covered them with cloak of darkness” so that they could not be seen, for God had revealed to Patrick the evil design on the king.

Nevertheless the heathen as they watched saw only eight deer and a fawn (Benignus). It was after this that Patrick wrote his famous hymn, “The Deer’s Cry,” in which he gave God praise and expressed his firm belief in the Resurrection, the Incarnation and, Death and Ascension of Christ. He united with the citizens of heaven, declaring glory to Him who is his defense against the wiles of the devil and against all forms of superstition and idolatry; ending with an appeal to Christ to be with him always and speak to him through every creature.

Meanwhile King Laeghaire was sitting in grief and shame in the banqueting hall of Tara, together with the nobles, bards and wizards who had escaped from the events of the previous night. The thought that in his terror he had knelt in front of Patrick overwhelmed him with humiliation. He waited anxiously of news that his snares had been successful and that the disturber of his peace, (Patrick) was no more! As it was a day of high festival, and however angry he was, he still had to show hospitality to his invited guests. The hall was decked with festive banners and the noble company sat down to the tables with their minds full of the strange events of the previous night, and no other conversation was broached. “I will go to Tara,” Patrick had replied to the king, when Laeghaire offered the invitation, “In order to manifest my readiness to the men of Ireland.”

A Quick Way To Evangelize A City or How St. Patrick Won Dublin (Patrick A.D. 389-461)

As Patrick came near to Dublin, at that time a small village, he prophesied, “That village which is now very small shall hereafter become very eminent. it shall be enlarged in riches and dignity.” Neither shall it cease to grow until it has become the principal seat of all the kingdom.”

When the people of Dublin, having heard of the great signs and miracles that were done through Patrick, and when they saw that he was coming to that village, they went out to meet him.

At this time, Alphinus was the king over Dublin. He and all the citizens were in great sorrow, for the death of the kings two children. The kings only son, called Eochadh had died a natural death, in his bedroom. The king’s daughter, and a sister to the young prince, had just been drowned, in the adjoining river, now known as the Liffey.

She had ventured into the deep part, for the purpose of bathing. Her name was Dublinia, and from her Dublin is thought to have derived its name. (Joceylyn note) The young lady’s body was drawn out of the waters after some considerable search, and laid by her brother’s corpse, in order that their funeral rites might be solemnized together.

According to the superstition of the pagans, the tombs were prepared. In the meantime, news was spread over all the city, that “St. Patrick, the potent reviver of many dead persons”, (What a reputation !!) had been seen in the town. For He, who burst asunder the gates of death and of hell, smoothed the path for his servant.

The king and the people, who before had said to the Lord, “depart from us, we will not the knowledge any of thy ways,” were so cast down, saddened with grief, that all of their rebellion and all their barbarous rudeness, and all the pride of their idolatry, were utterly subdued.

The king, hearing of St. Patrick’s arrival, greatly rejoiced, and caused him to come in, where his two children lay dead. He then promised, with all those present, if God restored his children to life, that he and all the citizens would become Christians. Seeing such a gain of souls, in the sight of the king, his nobles, and all the common people, Patrick raised from death to life those princely children, whose bodily resurrection co-operated much towards the spiritual resurrection of their father, with the rest of his people. The king and all his subjects, being astonished at this great miracle, turned away from the worship of idols, and they were baptized in the well (spring). From that day the King and all the people worshiped God and gave liberally to Patrick, so that he was able to give to the poor in that place and other places and have enough to build churches.

(Ref. Lives of the Irish Saints -O’Hanlon. Ecclesiatical History of Ireland, Rev. Dr. Lanigan. Sexta Vita S. Patricii, Joycelin notes.)

Patrick and The Kings Daughters

Patrick and his companions arrived in the early morning at Tulsk, in the county of Roscommon. As they sat down near the fountain known as Clibach they were approached by the two daughters of King Leogaire, who were intending to bathe in the fountain. Seeing the young clerics with their books in front of them, the young women wondered at the strange sight so early in the morning.

The two women, Eithne and Feidelm, inquired of Patrick as to what race he was from and where he had come presently come from. “Are you some kind of gods?” asked Eithne. “It is better for you to ask about our God than to inquire as to our race,” said Patrick. “Where is God to be found, is He under the earth? or in the streams? Or in the hills and valleys?’ asked Eithne. “Is He beautiful and to be loved? How is He to be found?” she continued.

Patrick, full of the Holy Spirit replied, “Our God is the God over all, of heaven and earth: the God of the seas and rivers: the God of the sun and moon and stars: the God of the high mountains and lowly valleys; He quickens all things, He gives the light to the sun and moon, He created the waters in dry land, He places islands in the middle of the sea, and placed the stars in the heavens.” Patrick went on tell of God’s son – Jesus. The two sisters being of one heart cried out and said, “Our only desire to see Him face to face.” Patrick baptized both women and loved Christ with all their hearts – for they had sought the true God for a long time.

Shortly after both sisters died. Two druids, Mael and Caplait entered into a great conflict with Patrick over this, as the youngest daughter was the foster-daughter of Caplait. Patrick preached the gospel to Caplait and he became a believer to the great anger of the other druid, Mael. “I will win him back to our gods and cause him to leave you,” he said to Patrick. Patrick with great patience preached and reasoned with him until he also gave his heart to God.

Patrick continued to travel and preach to every town and village with many miracles and signs and wonders.

Patrick’s Fast and Petitions For Ireland

Patrick went to a high mountain in the range of Mayo in order to seek God and to fast and pray. For 40 days he fasted with watching and prayers and travail. Toward the end of the fast, the mountain was surrounded by many demons in the form of large black birds, screaming and giving off a foul smell. Patrick continued singing Psalms and hymns to no avail. Finally Patrick threw his bell at the birds and commanded the to leave. They left and immediately he was surrounded by an angelic choir. Also the angel who was always Patricks companion, Victor, came and said, “Everything you select shall be yours, every land – both hills and valleys, glens and woods. Every petition shall be granted.”

Patricks first petition was that every Irish man, woman and child would have opportunity to hear the Gospel and secondly, that barbarian invaders should not prevail against the Irish people. Victor commanded Patrick to get down from the mountain, but Patrick refused until every petition he asked was granted. Patrick contnued to ask for many blessings for Ireland.

Coins and More Held to Walls and Other Surfaces By Faith — God having fun with his kiddies

With each new move of God people tend to resist at first, so I’m going to try to make this as easy as possible for you to accept and understand by giving you background information and some insights God has given me along the way.

Coins and Silverware held to the wall by power of faith and prayer
Coins and Silverware held to the wall by power of faith and prayer on July 9, 2010

I have loaded this post with some of my favorite video footage documenting this miraculous sign and wonder.

This miracle is growing in strength as people exercise their faith. I’m trying to give a fairly chronological telling of the story of the beginning stages of this miracle so the videos included in this post will be progressively more and more impressive as you go down the page.

Okay, let’s put down an anchor now in Mark chapter 11 where Jesus made the following statement: “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Do you believe God can REALLY move mountains in response to our prayers? Of course God can do it. But Jesus says that we need to have faith too. We have to believe that it will really be done for us. And, I’m not talking about the kind of so-called faith that we try to work up when a crisis hits us. No, I’m talking about that deep-seated faith that it WILL be done because we already have an intimate familiarity with God’s power and God’s willingness to respond to our prayers.

After we see God move some pebbles for us, we can perhaps have the faith to believe God will move a boulder for us. Then a hill. Then a mountain. Do you see how faith is built on past victories?

But someone might ask: Would it be a waste of God’s power to move some pebbles for me? Is it too SMALL a thing for God to do?

Personally, I don’t think God’s power can be wasted because his power is LIMITLESS. I don’t think my Daddy in heaven is ever annoyed at any faith-filled prayer I send his way. In fact, I think He is delighted that I believe him enough to actually start doing some of the things that He says are possible for those who have faith. He is thrilled that I am exercising my faith and that I have joy in the big AND little things he does for me.

As I see him do so-called “small” things for me, I can trust him for bigger things. That’s how faith works. A Christian does not typically pray and see someone healed of cancer before they have first built up their faith by seeing that God can heal people of stomachaches.

That’s what this new sign and wonder is about. It is about the Christian seeing God miraculously override natural forces such as gravity in the small things like pennies so that we will have the faith in the future to believe God for bigger miracles.

Although inconclusive, my research suggests that this sign and wonder began sometime in 2009 when a young person at Bethel Church in Redding, California started praying for coins to stick to the wall, poster, and other places in their bedroom only by God’s power… and the coins STUCK by God’s power. One source said it was a young man who heard God say to pray in faith for a coin to stick to a wall. Another source (my friend on Facebook who is familiar with this new sign and wonder) said it was a girl. Anyone who has more information is encouraged to post a comment in response to this post.

A handful of young people attended a conference at Bethel in March 2010 and found out about this Sign and Wonder and decided to give it a try and it worked for them too.

Eventually Scott Morrison of Georgia (USA) found out about it and began praying that God would do it for him too.

When I asked Scott what inspired him to give it a try, he explained:

“I heard of people in Bethel starting it. And I heard of some kid in Georgia who got a jar full of pennies that appeared in his room supernaturally and then he saw some Bethel kids doing it and knew what it was for.

My friend Mercy and some other people on Youtube inspired me to try it.”

Starting back in May of this year, Scott began posting some amazing videos of what God was doing for him in response to his simple, child-like faith. Here are five of the videos he posted.

Pennies held to wall by prayer

Dime on door in the glory

Can top on rounded surface

Dime held to the ceiling by faith

Coins hanging onto a corner by God’s power

Then, towards the end of May, a fellow believer visited Scott and was encouraged to give it a try. He came back to his fellowship and told his brothers and sisters in Christ about the miracle and they tried it too.   This helped more Christians realize that this is not a gift reserved for the select few. This is for every believer who is willing to enter into child-like faith believing that God is in them and able to do all things through them.

I was interested in this miracle and wanted to find more videos documenting this sign and wonder so I could share it with you here.

I contacted Scott and his friends to ask them how it was done. My understanding after communicating with them was that it was because of God’s presence and power that the coins stayed up. I was told it was helpful to put aside your questioning mind and just believe in God’s power. I was also told it was helpful to have God’s glorious presence in the room by cultivating an atmosphere of worship.

From the time I first saw a video of a coin staying up by prayer, about six weeks went by without me having any success in getting coins to stay up by prayer.

One day, I showed my wife the video of the Christian fellowship putting up coins in God’s glory (the above video). After watching, she asked for a coin and prayed for it to stay up on the wardrobe door next to our computer… and it STAYED for about 2 seconds. We were in awe and thoroughly convinced that this was for real at that point. We spent the rest of that evening trying to get coins to stay up and did not witness any more miracles.

We figured watching that video helped put us in the right frame of mind to be able to do the miracle but the effects of the video quickly wore off.

Another evening a couple weeks later, we had been in worship for about a half hour and we felt God’s presence so we decided to pray for coins to stay up again and this time they began sticking on various surfaces for us.

Since that night, we have successfully prayed for coins to stay on the vertical sides of refrigerators, a blackboard, walls, metal desks, stone boulders, a TV screen, a sliding glass door, street lamp posts, wardrobe doors, the door to our house and its door frame, along with other surfaces.

Our first instinct was to try to PROVE that this was a miracle. Since then, we have learned that this miracle is meant to be ENJOYED — not proved. Trying to prove the miracle can get you into such an analytical frame of mind that the wonder of the miracle is repeatedly attacked from every angle as your mind starts taking over and trying to explain it away.

As we analyzed and explained this miracle to death, we noticed that the power of the miracle began diminishing. Because we allowed our minds to be consumed with questions and doubts, we went from putting up spoons by God’s power back to having trouble getting penny-sized coins to stay up for us. Now, as we return to that place of child-like faith and joy in God’s wonders, we are seeing our prayers increase in power and effectiveness again.

I encourage everyone experiencing this miracle to just enjoy the miracle and have fun worshiping God as he demonstrates his power. My experience has caused me to believe that this miracle is meant primarily to fill us with JOY and FAITH while we have fun worshiping our Father in heaven.

Don’t think of this miracle merely as the newest tool that will help you convince all your friends and family that God is real. Just let your faith and joy increase, which will in turn allow you to experience even greater miracles in the future — which, by the way, may be the miracles that help your family and friends discover the power of God down the road.

Of course, as in all things let the Holy Spirit lead you. I’m just trying to warn you against making this miracle all about performing and trying to prove something.

We have been programed by our churches to make everything about sharing our faith. But sometimes, God just wants to increase our faith and help us draw nearer to him.

Think of Jesus’ ministry on the earth. There were miracles for the crowds (such as feeding the 5,000) and there were private miracles for the disciples (such as walking on water).

By the way, Peter and Jesus walking on water together is an excellent example of our authority to experience amazing things with Jesus even if there is no apparent point to it except to do something that stretches our faith and to have fun being with Jesus.

Why did Jesus and Peter walk on water? Were they testing God? Were they involved in witchcraft? No! They were simply doing what they knew they could do because they had the authority to do it. Jesus had authority from God to walk on water. He could have used a boat or walked around the lake but since he could walk on water that’s what he did! He did it simply because he could. Peter thought it was neat and looked fun to walk on water and he wanted to be where Jesus was and do what Jesus did. When Jesus gave him authority to walk on the water by inviting him, Peter got out of the boat and did it too.

They weren’t asking God to prove anything (testing God). They weren’t using unholy spirits and demons to control events and other people (witchcraft). They were simply acting out their God-given right to live God-empowered lives by resting in full assurance of the authority given them.

So, I don’t think there needs to be a humongous purpose for doing something supernatural. Otherwise, Jesus and Peter would have always managed to find a way to stay in a boat when they were on the water. The other day I was watching kids playing on the playground. They were trying to get tricycles up a slide. People who are “in the box” say that tricycles belong on sidewalks. But children think differently than adults — in fact, often children just DO instead of think and, incidentally, they have more fun and joy in their lives than most adults.

Personally, though, I think God does have a big purpose for this new sign. I think this is a genius plan from heaven — think about it: everyone is familiar with gravity, everyone has walls, everyone has access to a penny or some other object. This is a sign for every person to see that miracles are available to all of us when we start having faith in God’s ability to intervene and override every situation. Also, this miracle is a clear demonstration that God’s edicts are more powerful than the natural laws he set up (gravity). One of God’s edicts says that we can do miracles simply by praying for them in Jesus’ name in faith (John 14:12, Matt 21:22, etc). This is a very visible sign that can be tested. For the Christian, there can no longer be any doubt that prayer is powerful. That encourages us to be all the more eager to pray for healings, deliverance, and other divine interventions in our lives and the lives of the hurting people around us. I’m sure that there are many more ways that God can use what some would consider a silly miracle. God loves to use the “foolish” things to confound the wise, right?

When we saw coins staying on the walls we were encouraged to have more faith in God in regards to our future and our finances. We figured that if God can hold up a coin in response to prayer, we can surely count on him to keep his promises to guide our future and provide for our material needs.

So, those are my thoughts on the purpose of this miracle. What it boils down to for me is increasing our FAITH and JOY as we LOVE on God.

Now, let’s take a look at some more videos of people experiencing this miracle. Then, I’ll wrap up with a few more thoughts at the end.

In the first video in this next set, you will see a guy who had already seen these miracles via video but then he experiences it first hand.

His reaction demonstrates that the videos I’m sharing with you today cannot convince you of this miracle and they cannot make this miracle a real, living experience for you. I’m aware of that and I’m okay with that. I just hope you feel release in your spirit to try it for yourself so that you can experience it on a personal level — then you will believe. And if you cannot experience it yourself for some reason or other, then I hope that you will at least rejoice with your brothers and sisters and thank God for their child-like faith. Remember the apostle’s words found in 1 Corinthians 12 where he says, “if one part [of the body of Christ] is honored, every part rejoices with it.” Let us meditate on Paul’s teaching on the body of Christ and be sure to love and honor one another even if we don’t understand one another’s unique giftings and functionings in service to the Lord.

Also, before you watch the next video, let me point out that after seeing bobby pins on the wall the faith of the guy in the video grew by leaps and bounds. He instantly realized that if God can intervene in the natural realm then it should be no problem for God to take care of our financial and material problems. Plus, he quickly realized that if bobby pins can be held up by God’s power then heavier objects should also be able to stay up.

Having fun with Jesus & the angels sticking bobby pins to the wall! Matthew 17:20


Little kids get their bottle cap breakthrough in answer to persistent prayer

Little kids putting up bottle caps with Jesus

The same kids putting up coins — do you see their joy 🙂

By the way, did I mention that this miracle is spreading around the world as people see the videos online and try it out for themselves? We are in Asia at the moment and now some of our students are doing this miracle. One of my students told me that she has had a ring, a pair of glasses, chopsticks (metal ones and wood ones), all sorts of silverware, a book, and even a shirt stay up as she prays. Another student said he had a compass stay up for him. Several students have had their erasers stay up as they pray. They have all put up every size of coin and also paper money. Another student told me something really amazing… He said that he put two coins stacked one on top of the other up against the wall so both of the coin’s faces were touching each other and one coin’s face was touching the wall. The one up against the wall fell but the other one remained suspended in the air for a couple seconds — now, THAT’s FAR OUT!!! Another student put two coins up the same way (stacked face to face) and both of the coins stayed up together.

These are our little elementary school students who are worshiping God as they believe and see that God answers their prayers. You know, they have only been doing this for a couple weeks now. Who knows what they’ll try next week! They realize that Jesus is powerful and they are having fun finding out how powerful their prayers are.

We have also shared this miracle with friends who don’t share our faith in Jesus. You know what? Even these friends are able to do it if they have faith that it can happen for them. The other night we had a friend over who shares our belief in God but doesn’t necessarily have faith in Jesus right now. We just told her to allow God’s love-filled joy and energy to flow through her as she believed in God’s power to hold the coin up for her. It was so fun watching her faith grow as she moved from one level of experience to the next. When she first started that evening, the coins were simply falling just like they were for us when we first tried praying for coins to stay up, but by the end of the evening the coins were staying for several minutes at a time.

I’m sharing this with you so that you realize that this miracle really is all about faith and not about proving who has the right set of beliefs and doctrines. You know, if God had to wait for us to all have the perfect set of beliefs and doctrines before he could work through us, I doubt any of us would ever see a miracle in our lifetimes. But, I thank God for his grace that he extends to each one of us as we put our trust in him and let him flow through us. God is not looking for perfect, golden vessels to carry his power. He is simply looking for willing jars of clay (2 Corinthians 4:7).

Remember what Jesus said:  “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

See? Jesus did not put any conditions on the power to command mountains into the sea except that the person commanding believe in his heart that it will happen. Apparently, the same is true for commanding coins to stay on the wall — it just takes faith / belief coming from the heart of a person to make things happen.

Besides the USA where Scott Morrison lives and Asia where we currently reside, we have also heard of these gravity defying miracles being done in France and Germany.  I’m sure that this miracle will quickly sweep over the entire globe thanks to the internet and the availability of this miracle to everyone with a measure of faith.

Another person prays for a coin to stay on the ceiling



I hope that these videos filled you with awe and worship for our Super-Powerful God who has come and made his home in us (see John 14:19-23).

A lot of people want to know why God is doing this miracle. I have given you my perspective on this already. In addition, here are five possible reasons that I saw shared on Freshwind Global Ministries’ Facebook page:

  • God is fun.
  • God is creative.
  • God is able to suspend natural laws
  • God likes to make us wonder
  • All things are possible.

In fact, I suppose it is in God’s nature to invite us to step out of the tiny little boat we have been living in so that we can start walking on the water with him!

If our faith in God increases… If we start really believing the things we say that we believe… Just imagine what might happen!

I know that there is a lot of confusion about how we can know if a miracle is from God or some other supernatural source (like a demon). To help you work through this, I encourage you to check out this great article that teaches the Biblical way to discern if a miracle is from God or not.

The article deals with many common questions among Christians including the following:

  • Does God really still do miracles nowadays?
  • If I don’t see this miracle anywhere in the Bible, can it really be from God?
  • What kinds of miracles does God do?
  • Aren’t some things like levitating only done by demonic power?
  • How can I know if a supernatural occurence is from God or not?
  • What about counterfeit miracles, signs, and wonders?
  • How can I know if someone is a false prophet or not?

Hope that article helps you. You are also welcome to share the article with anyone who might be blessed by it.

I look forward to seeing what you have to say in the comments section. Please keep it encouraging and uplifting. I would also love to see you sharing some of your own videos of God overcoming the force of gravity or some other faith building miracles — just put your video link in the comment you post and if the video can be embedded I’ll come by and adjust your comment so that your video can play right there in the comment area of this blog post.

One final thought: When the Son of Man (Jesus) comes, will he find faith in the earth? (Luke 18:8)

Let’s build up our faith muscles so we don’t disappoint Christ our Lord when he comes.

God bless you and may you see many more miracles!