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Bay Revival Healings

The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival began July 23, 2010 in Alabama and continues to this day in Alabama and in the cities that the Bay Revival ministry team visits.

The leadership team made the wise choice to make the revival as accessible as possible by having their ministry team visit various cities to minister. God has graciously ministered healing and salvation in each of those cities.

I say that this was a wise choice because the work of the Holy Spirit can be compared to the wind or to a river. Both the wind and the river flow and move and cannot be kept to one’s self. The church that tries to build a dam and keep the River to themselves will end up with a stale, stinking, stagnant swamp. The River of God’s Revival will not be locked up by a group of Christians trying to selfishly keep God’s blessings to themselves.

God allows his blessings to flow through us and the quicker we pass those blessings on to others the more speedily and mightily will God’s blessings flow through that person. The one who is faithful with little will then be entrusted with the opportunity to share more.

To learn more about the Bay Revival, visit the official website where you will find a schedule of cities to be visited, videos, and more. You can also see archived videos at God.tv where the revival continues to be broadcast live. Many wonderful testimonies of healing miracles can also be found on YouTube.com